Too often customers are quick to give bad reviews for any reasons…
Too rarely customers don’t take that same time to give a good review!

Let me take a moment to thank everybody at MTS for the great experience I had. From initial request, to booking, to scheduling, to re-re-re-rescheduling (due to weather) class room instructor, road instructors, everything was great and easy to communicate with at every level.

You guys ROCK!

Thanks again and see you all on the roads this summer! (BE SAFE)
Bobby M.

Submitted April 28th 2015


After riding on the back of my husband’s bike for a number of years I decided it was time to get in the drivers seat! I had no experience other than a bicycle, I knew I needed to take some type of class. I looked on line and found Motorcycle Training Solutions and am I sure glad I did!

My husband who has been riding for 30+ years was very supportive but shared with me after that he never thought I would make it through the first day. I am proud to say I proved him wrong. However, he would have been right if I did not happen upon this wonderful school!

The first time I picked my feet up and drove across the lot I was hooked! I admit it was not easy for me, however, the instructors were so encouraging saying to me over and over that I could do this. There was no way I was giving up! Sadly I did not pass the driving test at the end of the session but that also turned into a positive. I was told to simply call and I could return to retake the test.

A few days later I returned and two instructors Seth and Jack spent over an hour with me giving me constant feedback to make me feel successful and I passed! I was now a licensed motorcycle driver. However, I knew for me that was not enough I had a lot more to learn. I went back about 6 more times participating in classes and each time I felt more confident. It was the instructors positive and encouraging approach that kept me going, I was loving every time I sat on that bike!

This past October I became the proud owner of what I call my
“purple lady”, a 2014 Harley 883 Iron, yes she is purple!
I always said by the time I was 50 I would own a Harley, well it took me an extra 6 years but I did it! AND if it was not for Seth, Jack and all the other instructors at MTS it never would have happened!

Just like the children’s book, The Little Red Engine, states;
“I think I can, I think I can”
Yes you can!

With the help of this wonderful school you will say “I KNOW I can!”
I did and you can too!

My advice; if you want to ride call them TODAY!

Susan Fitts-Sibilia
Submitted: December 02, 2013